Monday, November 06, 2006

Owners DO look like their pets

It has been said, by people much smarter than me, that pets and owners sometimes take on shared physical characteristics.

As you can see by this photo of me and the one and only Chancellor Heinrich von Fluffenstein-Puppyface (aka Henry)**, this isn't just an urban myth. While we both have dark hair, our moustaches are quite a bit lighter.

What, you can't see my Mo'? Oh it's there, baby. It may be faint, thin and blondish (what some call 'stubble') but it's there.

This photo is also evidence of one of the two things that have become abundantly clear to me since I started this crazy adventure just less than one week ago:
  1. My facial hair is far lighter than my headal hair; my moustache doubly so.
  2. I forget how to shave with a manual razor
Many of the relatives reading this site may remember how excited Nan Willard was when she saw reddish hues in my beard. Apparently there's red hair way back in my family lines that manifested itself somewhat in my chin fuzz. At the time I was quite tickled at this notion - now I'm mostly ticked by it. It's hard to be a proud Mo' bro when nobody can see your Mo'.

As for the second point, well, I've been an electric razor man for some time now. Making the leap back to a real razor (which cuts closer and therefore better highlights my meagre Mo' ) has led to a fair bit of bloodshed for yours truly.

All in the name of charity.

** I swear I'm not choking my dog here, it's a trick of the lens


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